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ZooRelief Fund - For Animals' Home 💵

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, economies across the world in most of the countries was affected and it may take a little longer before these countries regains their economic muscles. As a results, the tourist sector has been greatly affected and most of the zoos where some of the tourists to spend their time has faced financial constraints. Due to that, the regular check for the animals in the Zoos has reduced drastically putting them at stake.

For instance, according to the information which has been forwarded to the government by the British and Irish Association for Zoos and Aquariums (Biaza), fund has "failed to provide" adequate support.

To help up the suffering Zoos across the world, our ZooToken Finance has introduced ZooRelief Fund which will be reverenced by blockchain technology. Our aim is to raise funds to support the failing zoos. 🛡️ .

The finances that will be gathered in ZooRelief Fund will be redistributed across all Zoo especially to those countries where the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the most.

Furthermore, half of the finances which will be collected from our ZooPrediction, ZooIndex, ZooPad, and ZooNFT will be taken to cater for animal rescue. To efficiently disperse the funds, we will focus on the situation in the areas where relief is required.

To make donations to the ZooRelief Fund you can directly donate by clicking on the following address: 0x50870069f336507802c34AAA8a80160a18d0aBa6 💳

Or you can use this QR code:

Thank you very much for your kind contributions to animal rescue! 🌹🌹🌹

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