The game to forecast the rise of the “Trending Tokens”

📊 To succeed in the Cryptocurrency market, an investor must be able to reliably assess a project's growth potential. ZooPredicton is a platform that encourages investors to exercise this capability on a daily basis. Those who accurately predict the pace of growth of the Trending Tokens would be rewarded handsomely.

This game works like "Horse Racing" but 100% by the smart contract. Each race will feature 2-3 Trending Tokens (For example: DOGE, SHIB, AKITA) and Snapshot the price. The investor has few minutes to bet on a token. The token with the best development in percentage will win.

The winners would proportionally share 97 percent of the losers' wagers. As a subscription charge, the remaining 3 percent will be allocated to the Marketing Fund, Donation or Liquidity Pool. 🥇

How does it work?

We would select at least two projects to participate in each ZooPrediction race (usually 2-3 projects when the ecosystem has grown).

Each race will last 5 minutes or 10 minutes (To be notified in advance). When the timer expires, the Coin/Token with the highest Growth Rate will win the race. To be fair, we would choose projects with similar percent growth rates.

For example: ZooPrediction will enable every investor to choose which token will perform better (% variation) during the 5 minutes race. If you choose DOGE and it grows 20% against 10% and 15%, the use will win.

Players will place bets in ZOOT on the project they believe would win. Until the race, the whole betting phase would take just 5 minutes. The winners can claim the reward as soon as the results are accessible.

According to the odds, 97 percent of the combined bets on all projects in the race would be split by the winners. 3 percent remaining is distributed to Marketing Fund, Donation or Liquidity Pool.

Note: Bet or Claim activities take 2% fee for each transaction.

For example: Race of 3 projects: Pro-1; Pro-2; Pro-3. There are 6 players A; B; C; D; E; F.

  • A bets 10$ on Pro-1

  • B bets 10$ on Pro-1

  • C bet 30$ on Pro-1

  • D bet 30$ on Pro-2

  • E bet 5$ on Pro-3

  • F bet $45 on Pro-3

Pro-1 odds: Odds=(10+10+30)/(30+5+45)=5/8Odds=(10+10+30)/(30+5+45) = 5/8

Pro-1 wins. A will receive: Reward=[10+10/(5/8)]95/100=24.7Reward=[10+10/(5/8)] * 95/100=24.7 $

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