The limited-edition products for strategic operations.

ZooNFT is understood as a MarketPlace for ZooToken Finance's NFTs. All payments on MarketPlace must be made in ZOOT. Additionally, NFT could be given away to ZOOT holders as an Airdrop.

NFTs are digital mementos designed to support ZooToken Finance's long-term strategic goals:

  • Airdrop 💝 : Members of the ZooToken Finance ecosystem who are prominent and fortunate would be eligible to get free NFT.

  • Auction 🏷️ : Investors can purchase NFT in an auction. When the proposal requires funding, the auction program can be initiated.

  • Event 🎡 : NFT can be used as a gift in ZooToken Finance events.

On the Marketplace, investors will purchase these limited-edition items. ZOOT can be used for all NFT purchases.

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