How to buy ZOOT

Swap on PancakeSwap

Step 1
: Install MetaMask For Chrome/Brave

For Desktop: Turn on your Google Chrome or Brave then visit Download the MetaMask extension and set up a wallet.
On mobile: Get MetaMask’s app for IOS or Android.

Step 2
: Add BSC network

Visit , roll down and click "Add BSC network"

Step 3
: Send BNB To MetaMask

Transfer BNB to your new MetaMask wallet from your existing wallet (e.g. Trust Wallet, Coinbase, or Binance), or buy BNB directly within MetaMask.

Step 3
: Connect To ZooToken Finance

The ZooToken Finance Official Website is the safest location to purchase ZOOT.
Visit the Official Website and click “Buy on PancakeSwap”.

Step 4
: Swap BNB For ZOOT

Set your slippage to 3-4% and enter the amount of BNB you would like to swap for ZOOT.

Buy on CEX

Investors can buy ZOOT on listed CEX as following:
More CEX is listing soon...