ZooToken Cross-Chain

🧩 Nowadays, Ethereum Blockchain and Binance Smart Chain are the two most prominent blockchain platforms. In order to expand the ZooToken ecosystem, ZooBSC is created as the perfect bridge between these two biggest networks.

ZooBSC is integrated a variety of advanced features into the smart contracts: 💾 Auto Liquidity generated in every transaction 💵 Exclude the addresses from fee 🔐 Lock Ownership 👨‍🌾 Farming intergratively

🔋 This ETH-BSC Cross Chain is on the mission of cooperating ZooToken with trending projects on both blockchain platforms. This is also an opportunity for ZooToken to complete the Cross Multi-Chain function in the future. ZOOT will soon be available on many blockchain platforms such as Matic, Polkadot,...

In addition, when gas fee is a problem for all crypto investors, switching ZOOT between ETH and BSC via "Listener" will save a huge amount of transaction fees for ZOOT holders.

Note: Converting ZOOT from ETH to BSC does NOT change the value of the token. The circulating supply on both platforms is also derived from the same data. ZOOT on Ethereum blockchain and ZOOT on BSC will be automatically balanced to avoid arbitrage.

ZooBSC is the great opportunity for ZooToken, for community and for future! 🎆

How does the Zoo Token BSC - ETH bridge work? ⚙️

Let's say Bob is a big holder of ZooToken on the Ethereum network. However, because of the very high fee, Bob decides to convert his ZooTokens to BSC. 🤔

First, Bob sends his 100T tokens to the "ZOOTLockContract" on the Ethereum network. A TXID will be generated for Bob from that contract and will be sent to the "LISTENER". The purpose of the "LISTENER" is to first receive the data from this new TXID, then to send a signal to the "ZOOTLockContract" on the Binance Smart Chain.

When the signal from the "LISTENER" is received, the "ZOOTLockContract" on the Binance Smart Chain will unlock 100T ZooTokens and send them to Bob's wallet.

🌉 Bob has successfully used the Zoo Token BSC-ETH Bridge!

Further explanation: The 100T ZooTokens that Bob had on the Ethereum network is now locked. The 100T ZooTokens on BSC have been unlocked and sent to his wallet.

This is also how the circulating supply does not change! ⚖️

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