Q: What is ZooToken Finance's core feature?

A: We would soon finish our four core features to bring them into service as quickly as possible:
  • ZooPrediction
    : The game to forecast the rise of the “Trending Tokens”.
  • ZooIndex
    : The electronic chart and index devoted to the "Trending Tokens".
  • ZooPad
    : The raising funds platform for the ZooToken Finance ecosystem's coins and tokens.
  • ZooNFT
    : The limited-edition products for strategic operations.

Q: How to buy ZOOT?

A: Click this link to get tutorial.

Q: What is the mechanism of ZooPrediction?

A: We would select at least two projects to participate in each ZooPrediction race (usually 5-10 projects as the ecosystem has grown).
The investor has few minutes to bet on the coin with the fastest growth rate in a specified duration. The winners would proportionally share 95 percent of the losers' wagers. As a subscription charge, the remaining 5% will be allocated to the liquidity pool.

Q: What is the purpose of fundraising?

A: Apart from raising funds to build the project, ZooToken Finance aims to establish a fund to assist zoos that are experiencing financial hardship as a result of the COVID pandemic. This fund is called ZooRelief Fund.
The ZooRelief Fund will be distributed to zoo management structures in countries that are facing financial hardship as a result of COVID's influence. This money would be used to keep zoos afloat in the midst of a pandemic.
Fifty percent (50%) of the proceeds from the ZooPrediction, ZooIndex, ZooPad, and ZooNFT will be contributed to animal rescue. To efficiently disperse the funds, we will focus on the situation in the areas where relief is required.
Also, to make a donation to the ZooRelief Fund, users may directly donate by clicking on the following link:
Thank you very much for your kind contributions to animal rescue!