The electronic chart and index devoted to the "Trending Tokens".
Our goal is to come up with a platform that will create an inclusive environment which will accommodate different trending tokens into ZooToken ecosystem. Moreover, ZooToken will evaluate the development of other projects as well as the overall growth of the entire the market. For our system to attain the objective, we have developed a technology product, ZooIndex.
To experience more useful functions, users can upgrade to "Premium Version". In this version, users can access services as Alert Bot, Dex Buy-Sell Limit, Premium Chart,... According to these indexes, tokens would be rated on a 100-point scale.
In conclusion, the development of all the market would be represented by a number - ZIndex

How does it work?

ZooIndex works as a "CoinMarketCap" and "CoinGecko" . It also updates new tokens for users in the ecosystem.
The ZooIndex system will be split into three parts:‌
  • Real-time Electronic Chart (REC) 📈 : In the ZooToken ecosystem, REC will be calculating the performance of each Trending Coin and updating them on the platform. ZooIndex REC will show the current price, growth rate, trading value. However, we'll eventually update the REC with the necessary parameters soon.
  • (Coming Soon) Growth Index (GI) 🔎 : For supporting users in the ecosystem, the GI would be the parameter that represents the valuation of all trending token projects according to the prevailing market status. Besides, GI also reveals how the market's scale and value, as well as project partners' fluctuation.
  • (Coming Soon) The Trust Score (TS) 💯 : Trust score on ZooToken ecosystem will be used to guarantee investors how safe a trending token project will be. The trust score will range from 0 to 100 with higher score proving to have the best transparency and better decentralization. On the contrary, if the coin will have a lower trust score, it may be an indication that the is holding some hidden risks (as scam, rug-pull, etc.). Therefore, investors are advised to invest on a project with a higher trust score.
ZooIndex was designed to help investors evaluate all the trending projects. The parameters, however, can only be seen as a guide; investors must be responsible for managing their own funds. 💸 💸​💸​